Cloud Storage Price War

Cloud Storage Price War

If you use email or a mobile phone, you store files in the cloud whether you know it or not.  

And with Google's 80% price-drop a few weeks back, we're witnessing a cloud storage real-estate land grab.

Amazon Web Services - the market leader and infrastructure behind such services and Netflix, Pinterest, Spotify and .. well .. Amazon (Duh - Ed.) - followed suit with its 42nd price-drop since 2008. Then Microsoft got twitchy with a 35% price reduction in its Azure cloud service, and suddenly we've a price war on our hands.

The concept of cloud computing delivers scalable computing on-demand. A utility in effect, so you only pay for what you use. This allow startups great flexibility to set up systems without the need for expensive hardware that may never be fully utilized.

So with demand escalating, the three main providers are desperate to get you onto their books. Clever developers like are likely to dislocate their services, so they can mix-and-match providers to provide the most competitive pricing.

The good news for now: agressive pricing is driving down costs and that's likely to continue.