Live 360 VIDEO streaming

We are now streaming live 360 video simultaneously to Web, mobile and VR platforms.

There are many challenges to a successful 360 video stream - including equipment, networks and distribution requirements. For now, 360 video pushes so many pixels that Facebook is a dog performance-wise. Really low quality.  YouTube's a lot better, but if you happen to be busting ABBA in the background, both platforms will take you down within seconds for copyright infringement.

Of course there are other streaming platforms out there, but it's hard to get away from the social power that Facebook offers. So our challenge is to continue developing the platform, incorporating really intuitive social sharing functions.

It's clear we have so much work to do. In many ways our 360 road is just beginning. But for now, it feels an achievement just to be out there in wild, delivering this cutting-edge service for our customers.