360 Degree Video Vr

We have created immersive 360° video apps in partnership with companies throughout the UK and Ireland, including some of the world's largest brands. In this case, the guys stuck twelve cameras to the bonnet of a Mercedes-AMG on Mercedes-Benz World's test track. 

And the results are amazing.  Put on that headset, turn around to glance at the driver and we're off!  The engine roars and we're hurtling down the straight at 130mph.


Thanks to our brothers at Rapt Reality, Smarts Communicate and NPE Media for the Johnny Walker project!

Excitingly, we can even stream LIVE video - direct from VR rig to mobile devices - to a global audience with the help of cloud CDN solutions.

We make all this work with customized video rigs, employing design skills to stitch the 360° videos together.  Then the progammers kick-in to package everything within an intuitive 3D interface on the target platforms. Utilizing a variety of hardware and software, we can achieve a precise customer experience with maximum marketing impact.