Email Marketing

Email marketing is first and foremost an exceptionally cost-effective way to promote your brand. Used correctly, there's no better way to get your message directly in front of potential clients.

We are experts at ensuring your email looks great on all devices. We can create engaging newsletter templates for your brand and embed it directly into the website admin panel. From there, import your contacts-databases & get full control over delivery and campaigns.

There are various ways to manage your email content. Insert your own text messages, add imagery and control layout via the drag-and-drop interface. Or if you've been updating your Blog, click the articles you want to include and let us handle the formatting for you!

Once you're happy, just click "Send" & off we'll go: delivering any number of stunning emails and reporting delivery success back to you.

Of course, the goal of most email campaigns is to generate website traffic. Not only can we automate links back to your content, we'll automatically track customer click-throughs and integrate the report with your Google Analytics login.