Mobile Website Design

Mobile devices increase in popularity and capability all the time.  At the simplest level, you can leave it to devices to handle your desktop-focused website as best they can.   Beyond that, we have three broad approaches to mobile website development:

  • App Development: Device-specific app development, distributed through the App Store & Google Play
  • Mobile-Specific Web Design: Distinct Mobile Web sites, presenting custom data to mobile devices
  • Responsive Web design: New standards and technologies allow us to fluidly tailor a single website layout for multiple devices

Each approach has its place, but we typically provide responsive websites as the most flexible & cost-effective solution.

Mobile website development challenges us to include smaller screens & difficult viewing conditions into the design process.  Whether this leads to standalone mobile websites or a responsive site that adapts to different devices, we will help you find the best solution for you and your customers.

Of course, not everything is made more difficult with the introduction of mobile devices.  Phones and tablets usually provide us with a host of features we can't normally access from a desktop, like location / GPS integration/  cameras  and more.  The opportunities are incredible and limited only by our imagination.  Give us a call to see how far that goes.