Early in 2001 we started using Easibuild, a bespoke Content Management System (CMS). A good CMS gives you complete control over your site, lending structure to content, supporting your pre-existing work processes and separating content from presentation.

Easibuild achieves all this and more with powerful pre-written templates.  What's more, maintaining your website really is a snip. Most of our sites are administered by staff with little or no website design experience: it really is that easy to use.

Easibuild provides administrative access to all areas of your site, plus the ability to expand navigational structures without limit. This is possible thanks to the control it offers, combined with its ease of use. In this way we can offer superb sites and keep maintenance costs to an absolute minimum.

As the power and flexibility of Easibuild expands, its in-built library of templates expand to meet all modern website requirements. We can also develop custom templates as required and simply plug them into the CMS base code.