Free Photo Editor Released By Pixlr

Free Photo Editor Released By Pixlr

We’ve had full integration of Pixlr image editing software with our Content Management System for a few years now.

It’s a great piece of online software to edit your photographs, a bit like a very lightweight Photoshop. Our clients love it, means you can just edit on the fly within the image manager without deleting, editing, uploading again. Autodesk have just announced a Desktop version of Pixlr for both Mac and PC.

The desktop version seems to offer a lot of mobile Pixlrs tools. Seems they are taking a leaf out of Adobes book and going down the software as a service route (£1.99 a month for unlimited access). the essential tools are free though. The advantage of using a Desktop Photo editor as opposed to a Web based app is the ability to output for print as well as preserving your metadata and ability to use all your desktop fonts.

Find out more from Pixlrs site