Future Web Design Trends - CSS Shapes

Future Web Design Trends - CSS Shapes

This will be huge and is pretty exciting for us Web Designers. 

Up until now websites have been made up of boxes within boxes, yet if you have a look at Print design you often see text wrapping within a circle, or diamond, triangle etc.

Although we have been able to wrap text around other elements using floats, it's always square. You may have a box with rounded edges but the text doesn't flow with the curves. The new specification is going to provide us Web Designers and Developers with the ability to change how content will flow both inside and outside a shape! We will be able to clip images within various shapes as well as flowing the text around those complex shapes.

The specification was introduced by Adobe a couple of years ago and has reached Candidate Recommendation (will more than likely get implemented across board). So think media rich, magazine type layouts on a web site near you very soon!