Puppet Labs to create 100 Belfast jobs

Puppet Labs to create 100 Belfast jobs

The US firm - a shining light in the exploding DevOps scene - is establishing a software engineering centre in Belfast, with assistance from Invest NI.

DevOps is a concept that combines "development" and "operations" to radically speed-up software development. It focuses on increasing collaboration between the two disciplines to create highly efficient environments of continuous deployment, typically taking advantage of cloud services in the process.

The biggest operators in this space - Chef and Puppet Labs - develop software enabling the simple management of machines and system architectures. Puppet - headquartered in Portland, Oregon - is used by many global firms including Google, Twitter, eBay and PayPal. Invest NI supports the employment project with £1m grant.

Luke Kanies, CEO and founder said "Northern Ireland has strong software engineering talent and offers quality and cost advantages to support our growth. We are also looking forward to working closely with Invest NI to continue to develop the software industry in Northern Ireland."

This project is great news for Belfast, which will now play a key role in the global expansion of the cutting-edge DevOps industry.