Rise Of The Web App

Rise Of The Web App

We love the openness of the internet and think it should be something to be cherished. 

Our own focus has always been on using Web Standards as much as possible. Technologies we are currently researching for some new cutting edge projects include WebGL, Location Services, Local Storage. These technologies bring Desktop Quality Apps within reach.

New web technologies are allowing Web Developers and Designers to create fully Open and feature rich applications that look and act just like your favourite Desktop apps. Not only that but some Desktop only applications are even being written using web technologies such as Javascript and HTML5. A great example of this is Brackets. Brackets is a free, open source editor for Web Designers and Front-End Developers. It has pretty much replaced my previous editor. Brackets is built using Javascript yet feels native.

Another tool to keep an eye on is Gravit. It’s an illustration program, still very much a Beta app, but I was seriously impressed at how smoothly it ran in the browser.

These are exciting times to be a Web Developer and means we can look into areas outside the core service of making great Website Designs to also making great Apps!