Social Media - Marketing to the Millennials

Social Media - Marketing to the Millennials

New data is out from Comscore, breaking down Social Media penetration among the Millennials. 

75.6% of 18-34 year olds use Facebook. Instagram comes in second with 43.1% penetration and Snapchat has 32.9% penetration. Perhaps that multi Billion dollar attempted purchase by Facebook (turned down by Snapchat)  wasn’t so crazy after all. Snapchat seems to be raising new funding that will value the company at $10 Billion!.
Obviously long term success in this sector is not a given and not an easy task. However, with a third of young people now using Snapchat, it will be watched carefully by Marketers on how best they can promote their businesses through this channel.

It will be a tricky enough one to use for promotion as a snap is only available for a short period after opening (perhaps a reason the kids love it). Experience tells us a way will be found to monetise this social network. Indeed, it needs to, as Snapchat can’t raise funds endlessly without turning a profit.

Bottom line is though that the Social Networks are by far the best way to target younger generations of users. They will use a Social Network to find information befoe going to a search engine. Most Millennials use at least two internet devices every day, with 19 out of 20 young people globally owning a smart phone.
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