Tim Berners Lee calls for net neutrality

Tim Berners Lee calls for net neutrality

The Web founder has written a blog on the European Commission website, calling for all data packets to be treated equally.

Now whilst you or I might assume Sir Tim has been touched by compassion for Data Welfare, or driven by the dream of Binary-Freedom-of-Movement, it seems he's actually concerned with more mundane affairs. Like the economy. "net neutrality stimulates a virtuous circle between more competition, lower prices, higher connectivity and greater innovation" parps Tim "benefiting all citizens, as well as internet companies large and small."

He furthermore argues net neutrality must be enshrined in statue to prevent online service operators from influencing the market. Rather than restricing competition, he sees it as a basic requirement for economic growth and social progress. And he urges us all prevent online discrimination by tweeting our support.

I think everyone involved with website design and development will agree with the principle of net neutrality. The commercial landscape may remain more complex than this argument makes it appear, but enshrining the basics in European law can only be a good thing.