Unity Technologies technical talk

Unity Technologies technical talk

Unity Technologies gave a great technical talk in The Mac on 12th October, in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen.

Unity3D is far and away the dominant global game development software. More games are made with Unity, and more people play Unity games, than any other game development technology.

On 12th October, Joe Robins & Josh Naylor of Unity gave enlightening technical talks on multiplayer game development and post-production support services.  Believe me, it was a lot more interesting than I make it sound.

William Barr of Billygoat Entertainment also gave his thoughts on Unity's animation pipeline, with particular reference to the HM Spiffing game due out early 2016.

I found it a very worthwhile session: bumped into a few old contacts, made a few new ones and even got some technical tips from the Unity Evangelist team on projecting stereoscopic equirectangular 360 video onto culled, inverted-normal geodesic spheres  :|

OK, that last bit mightn't pique everyone's interest, but the afternoon clearly highlighted the burgeoning Virtual Reality talent within NI.