Virtual Reality in Northern Ireland

Virtual Reality in Northern Ireland

It was fascinating to meet with a like-minded group of VR enthusiasts last week.

Despite the impression you might get from the media hype, not many people are actually "doing" VR yet. It's still early days from a development perspective, and we haven't yet seen a consumer headset hit the market.

That's all about to change this Christmas with Samsung's new Gear VR. For the first time, an affordable VR headset will be readily available to work with a variety of mobile phones.

Whilst games are driving the technological advances, the applications of Virtual and Augmented Reality have been well documented. Although we're seeing lots of interest from English & European clients, there's very little happening closer to home.

And that's why this group is so exciting. It already combines a rare mix of content creation, platform delivery and software development talent. We think the potential's enormous and we're backing it 100%. Watch this space.