Web Design For The Internet Of Things

Web Design For The Internet Of Things

Google has announced a new initiative to try and create a standard for the Internet of Things. 

They've called it "Physical web" and it uses URLs. Great news for all us Web designers who love the open standards that the Web has given us.

All this means is that devices in the real world will broadcast a url. Clicking on that web address will let you interact with objects in the real world.

So for example, I'm waiting on my Bus into Belfast and there hasn't been one in ages. The Web designers for Translink create an interface that means I can communicate with the bus stop. It notifies me when the bus is only a couple of minutes away and how long it's going to take to make the rest of the journey into Belfast based on traffic conditions. 

For us Web designers, the fact that Google are pushing Web standards means we should be able to use existing technologies to provide businesses throughout Northern Ireland (and further afield of course) with great opportunities to engage their clients.