Web design and social networking

Web design and social networking

Here at Silverink we're not restricted to the world of Web design.  

Working directly with startup companies is challenging and rewarding, so we know a thing or two about how difficult it is to gain marketing traction.  Luckily, that's precisely where social media can be so useful.  So here are a few guerrilla tactics to get that digital marketing campaign up and running.

Let's be honest: no matter how creative your ideas are, chances are, someone out there's already doing it. And doing it well. But that needn't be a problem; in fact, it's an opportunity! Web design is a great way to reach new clients, but just by visiting your competitors' Twitter pages and clicking on "Following" / "Followers" / "Lists", you can get direct access to ready-collated lists of key market influencers and stakeholders.

As often as not, so long as you're relevant and respectul, Twitter users will follow you back. And even if they don't, you're spreading brand awareness and expanding your market information scope. It's valid, creative and most of all effective way to grow your market reach. Fast.

It pays to know your competitors well, and understand their customers better. Review their websites and glean all you can from their Web designs. The Twitter approach works just as well on other social networks too. For example, go to your competitor's Google+ page and click on "Have them in circles". That's a ready-made list of potential customers who need to know about your cutting-edge product/service!

Social networks also offer the potential to monitor competitors' client feature requests. And if your product/service already offers that feature, maybe you could help them by reaching-out with a direct solution.

Digital marketing has opened the door to a brave new world of interconnectedness. That door swings both ways and product awareness can only help your sales. Use it to your advantage.