Web design webinars push cloud programming

Web design webinars push cloud programming

Web technologies move so damn fast, it's tough just keeping up. But where can tomorrow's super-duper programmers go to learn these core skills?

If there's one constant to being a web designer / web developer, it's change. The ability to reinvent yourself is a basic job requirement; keeping an open mind and learning new technologies a core aspect of the daily process.

Of course, one great advantage of working on the Web is the global nature of business. It doesn't matter if you're in Belfast, on a far-flung island at the outskirts of Europe: having the skills means you can compete with the best in the world.

This open-mindedness means we need to adopt all platforms and systems - or rather, the best for any particular job. So you'll find us in Photoshop on an Apple Mac as often as programming a Linux cloud install, or administering Windows SQL Server. How do we get all those skills? By sitting down & learning them.

Microsoft's weekly Azure Webinars provide a decent grounding in the basics of cloud computing. Sure, it's Microsoft-centric and we'd never advocate sticking to any one platorm. But it's as good a place to start as any.