camsafe ai-powered solar security cameras

camsafe ai-powered solar security cameras

Last year, an old friend of Silverink's had a problem ...

This friend runs a successful London-based security firm, with hundreds of guards stationed across the UK and a fast-growing army of security cameras.  But the problem was the cameras: there was only one company on the far side of the world that could deliver exactly what our friend needed. 

These cameras did a lot of things right.  They were solar-powered and used mobile networks.  But the hardware was unreliable, the software poor and the service patchy.  Oh, and they cost a bomb.   

Naturally we said - "we can do better!"

So began a lengthy process specifying, locating and testing many, many cameras.  Mostly from the Far East.  We eventually found a Chinese supplier willing to partner with us on the development of bespoke security features we consider essential. 

Alongside this hardware R&D we built a fast, scalable and user-friendly cloud-based service that allows staff to monitor, process, classify and securely distribute these sensitive images.  Package the lot with a killer monthly rental & it's a no-brainer.

Eighteen months later and Camsafe has 230 cameras across the UK, securely processing 20,000 images per day.  Our cameras can operate for years in remote locations, without any external power supply or maintenance whatsoever.  When they detect movement, they send images/video to our platform within seconds - for human/AI analysis and potential escalation along predetermined procedures.

Of course, this success brought its own issues, not least the sheer volume of images to be processed. 

So we harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence to analyse and classify images in real time

This doesn't remove humans from the process altogether.  But if a machine can reliably filter 99% of images that don't contain people or cars, then we humans can focus on 100-times more images that do require analysis!  And that's a pretty spectacular efficiency gain.

Upshot: an intense, rewarding project.  Think twice before you say you can do something better. But most importantly, our friend no longer has a camera problem.