findhelpni - finding the right help at the right time

findhelpni - finding the right help at the right time

A unique new resource for anyone in NI who wants to improve their mental health, wellbeing and day to day life

Meet FindHelpNI, a new platform designed to make finding help in Northern Ireland not just easier, but more intuitive and accessible than ever before.

Ever found yourself needing assistance, but not knowing where to turn? That's where FindHelpNI comes in, a one-stop solution aimed at helping individuals across Northern Ireland connect with the resources they need, exactly when they need them.

At the heart of FindHelpNI is an extensive directory of services ranging from mental health support, education and training to financial advice. Whether you're struggling with addiction or in urgent need of emergency housing, you'll find the help you need here - well organized and easy to navigate.

We all know the last thing you need when you're stressed is a complicated website. That's why FindHelpNI is designed with simplicity in mind. Our clean, user-friendly interface makes navigating through these resources a breeze.

In the Inspire Me Blog, users share experiences, offer advice, and connect with others who may be in similar situations. It's a place for you to know that you're not alone and there's a whole community ready to support you. And the directory offers a dynamic, map-driven search tool. So you can easily find the support you need from over 600 dedicated organisations, as near as possible to your home.

FindHelpNI recognises the need for an accessible, reliable and comprehensive platform where anyone in NI can easily find the help they need. And by bringing together a wide range of services and resources into one easy-to-navigate site, it's simplifying the process of getting help and building a supportive community around it.

So whether you're seeking help or offering it, FindHelpNI is already having a tangible impact on the community. And we'd love you to join us on this journey. Head over to and start exploring. Let's make it easier for everyone in Northern Ireland to find the help they need, when they need it.