lightsafe secure cloud data protection

lightsafe secure cloud data protection is our killer new cloud backup solution for Windows and Hyper-V

A long time ago in a blog far, far away - right down at the very bottom of this page - we developed a backup product called Hyperoo.

Hyperoo was pretty great, even if we say so ... we got a load of customers including a Texan bank. But this industry moves fast and we saw the opportunity for a newer, better, cloud-first enterprise-backup solution.

Say hello to Lightsafe

Lightsafe takes a new approach. It's really secure, simple to setup and use, and you only pay for the stuff you backup. No complicated, expensive tiers. So the platform, application, management tools - all totally free. What's more, data storage is a fraction of the price you'd pay over at Amazon, Microsoft or Google!

Deployment's a breeze and you can choose to store your data in EU, US East and US West. It's also super-quick. We could dive into lots of the detail, but if you're interested why not read more at All we need to get across here is: fab software for free; military-grade security; incredibly fast, cheap backups.

So if you're in the market, why not send your data on a digital vacation to its favourite holiday repository today.