Easibuild Channel simplifies social network updates

Easibuild Channel simplifies social network updates

Social media are incredible constructions, but let's face it: they can be a pain to update.

Especially if you're juggling three or four networks.  That's why Easibuild's new Channel API helps you manage all your updates from within a single interface.

If you've ever had to update the same content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and maybe Pinterest .. well you'll know how time-consuming it can be. Maybe you need to update the company website with the same information too!  All that logging-in, re-editing and uploading of pictures can really add up.

Worse, it often feels like a pointless exercise - all your posts are swimming in different directions and getting lost in the tide before anyone even reads them.

Easibuild's Channel API addresses this by providing a single interface to update all of our social channels. Most importantly, we can use it to control data flow, so all that hard work has a clear incentive: directing people to specific, measurable and achievable goals.

Best of all, it comes in the form of a responsive website (or AngularJS-powered, cloud-hosted API - for the techies). So I snap a pic on my phone, add a few comments and click once to update Website, Twitter, Facebook, etc.  Furthermore, I know all those posts will automatically link people back to the exact spot I want people to go.

Pretty neat, huh? Well, anything that drags us away from Facebook can't be all bad ;)